Guide to Carpet Cleaners that’s Unconventional

Let’s take a look at carpet cleaning in detail without making it seem like a dull affair check this out. Imagine throwing a huge party. The music was blaring, the dancing floor was lit (aka your living-room), and someone then decided to dance a little salsa while holding a wine glass. Spoiler: the carpet now resembles a scene from a murder-mystery involving wine.

Steam cleaning is the new best friend. Imagine your carpet getting a hot bath after a tough night. This method will get down and dirty by reaching deep into fibers to remove any sins or stains. Don’t forget to be patient, because you can’t rush perfection or drying time.

If you want your life back “as soon as possible”, dry cleaning could be the best option for you. It’s a great way to refresh your clothing before a big event. The perfect product for a quick clean-up before a party or event.

This is where we start to get creative. Instead of buying expensive cleaners, why not try baking soda or distilled vinegar? These pantry MVPs can take on stains and odors with ease. You don’t need to panic if the sticky substance isn’t too difficult. Take some ice out of the freezer and let it chill on the chewing gum. You won’t have to worry about convincing your friends after the party to clean up.

But let’s not forget the environment while we are at it. By going green, you’re not only doing your part to protect the planet. You also prevent nasty chemicals from getting into your home or harming your furry family members who might mistake carpets for their own nap mats.

It’s understandable that you might ask: “But, what about when DIY doesn’t cut it?” If your DIY-style haircut isn’t looking like the YouTube tutorial you followed, sometimes calling in the pros means admitting you have to see a professional. Their tools and tricks make us mere mortals seem like we play in the minor leagues.

How much time, how much energy you have (and, lets face it, your skills) will determine whether or not you hire the professionals. Plus, there are carpets that require a lot of maintenance and need to be cleaned by professionals.

Now you know how to de-mystify carpet cleaning, without having you feel like taking a nap in the middle. If you want to do it yourself or use the professionals, maintaining your carpets does not have to feel as if you are solving world peace. Don’t forget: Next time you might consider laying down plastic sheets before pouring that Merlot.
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