Tales and Tails is the Art of Naming an Eclectic Canine Crew

Let’s talk about dog-names, meine hunde namen, to be specific. It’s similar to choosing a dog name; it’s permanent, because, well, unless your goal is to confuse all of your furry friends, you aren’t going to change the name every week. You can believe that I have been through a lot with this whole business of naming.

Kafka. Let me explain before you think I am some kind of literature snob. This dog was always looking lost in thought. His eyes were a constant reminder that he wasn’t happy with his baths, and wondered why. Franz Kafka didn’t mean to be fancy. It was more about matching the old soul vibe of this pup.

Schnitzel. It’s a success if you giggle at the word. She was a foodie dachshund, the best I’ve seen. Her name was Schnitzel. It made sense, in an odd way. Everyone at the park laughed.

Enter Tesla. Nikola Tesla, not the automobile. This Australian dog could outsmart and power me even on my best day. He was a smart cookie – or would I say he was an electric biscuit instead?

Next came Pudding; an English Bulldog whose face was so soft and squishy that you couldn’t stop smushing it. As sweet and soft…as pudding! His name fit perfectly, much like comfortable pajamas worn on a lazy morning.

Odin’s selection for our Great Dane was easy to understand by those who like mythology. Odin carried the name of his Norse god with pride.

Pixie is a Jack Russell Terrier with springs instead of legs. She has an endless amount of energy. Her name perfectly captured the fairy-like nature of her antics. She would dash around and disappear in thin air, or so it seemed.

Austen joined us not long after. Yes, Jane Austen inspired her because why not. This Golden Retriever brought us peace and joy like sitting down to “Pride and Prejudice”.

Echo was last – a Border Collie genius, and an expert vocal mimic. His ability to imitate sounds from doorbells, to meows of cats made his name obvious.

Here you go: Kafka Schnitzel Tesla Pudding Odin Pixie Austen & Echo – Each name tells a unique story in this crazy life book with dogs.

When choosing these names, it wasn’t a matter of sticking with what’s trendy or trying to stand out too much (pun intended). It was about giving their quirks a name – something that would speak volumes without having to say much.

The excitement will outweigh the fear. Remember that everyone starts somewhere. And usually, this is with saying “hello”. Happy learning. Locals will point you to the nearest party. The memories will be waiting for you.