How To Select A Leather Motorcycle Jacket That Tells Your Personal Story

Let’s get straight to the point. You’re on the lookout for a leather biker jacket for woman that says, “I am here”, and also whispers “I have stories.” This isn’t like picking socks. It’s more like choosing a loyal companion to travel with. Without sounding robotic, we’re about embark on a quest to find the perfect leather vest.

Material is very important. The two choices are buffalo or cowhide. Cowhide is resistant to wind, sun, and the occasional scrape. Buffalo leather? Buffalo leather is a flexible cowhide. It is cool and moves with your body.

Now let’s talk about the stitches that hold everything together. You want something that sticks to you in thick, thin, and all the places between. We don’t like vests that come apart when you go on a wild ride. We need vests that stay intact, even when it rains or you take an off-road ride.

Design is key to functionality. Imagine riding a bike without any storage space for your gear. Nightmare, right? You can stash your phone, wallet or snacks in pockets on some vests. Some vests come with hidden pockets that are perfect for concert tickets or wallets. ).

Customization is the most fun. You can have a plain vest but why not add patches or artwork to it? Here’s where you can express your personality. Your vest can be turned into a journal.

Brands are not as important as you might think. Do not forget smaller brands. These smaller brands often pour their heart and soul into making quality gear.